Make Your Mark

June 10, 2012 By Deborah Putnoi Categories: Drawing, Creativity

Why are so many people afraid to draw? To make a mark on an empty white page? Of placing a line, a dot, a mark on a surface? As someone who draws to survive, draws to think, draws to get lost, draws to feel connected, draws to SEE, I always wonder to myself why do most people feel disconnected to an activity that in many ways is central to who we are as humans? As I have taught well over 2000 people to draw from children to adults I am on a mission to get people to DRAW. To make that first mark and see where their pencil can take follow the journey of your own line.

No Fancy Supplies Needed

April 19, 2012 By Deborah Putnoi Categories: Drawing, Education, Supplies

Scrap paper is all around us. Grab the back of a to do list, or some junk mail and find any writing tool: a ballpoint pen, a pencil, a piece of charcoal, a sharpie, a marker, an old lipstick, or anything you can find that makes a mark. Then as fast as you can draw a FAST LINE on the page. Anywhere. ONE FAST LINE. 

Try another drawing. This time fill your page with a very slow moving line and watch it travel carefully across the page. Watch the line grow and change before your eyes.

When you are done compare the two drawings. What do you notice? How did you feel drawing each one?