Making Art in the Summer

August 14, 2013 By Deborah Putnoi Category: Art, Arthead, draw, paint, photo, darkroom, Brighton, Massachusetts, create, creativity, freedom of expression, art

The summer is all about freedom and lazy long afternoons. Here at the Artheads Studio  everyone is buzzing with the freedom of expression. There is no worry about homeowrk or deadlines or extracurriuclar activities. Instead there is paint being flung onto large pieces of paper and fat chunks of vine charcoal pushed across a blank page. Some of us are dancing to  music while we draw with white charcoal on black paper and others are finding a quiet space in the Drawing Lab to sketch imaginary maps in their sketchbooks. Sometimes after hours of creating and mixing and collaging and developing we may find oursleves patting Coco on the porch daydreaming and thinking about nothing at all. There is a cool breeze today in Brighton, Massachusetts and the edges of fall are peeking around the corner of all of our minds. But in this moment we are looking at black and white photographs and figuring out how to construct a pinhole camera and we are turning the wheel of the etching press and we are getting lost in the creative process. And we are free. Free to explore. Free to make mistakes. Free to connect. Free to make any art we choose to make.

Draw with Both Hands at the Same Time

June 10, 2012 By Deborah Putnoi Categories: Drawing, Creativity, Education

Get both hands in on the drawing action! Choose two different pencils or pens. Put one in each hand. Then without thinking too much try drawing with both hands at once. What happens? What do you notice? Make some designs. Draw some shapes. Try drawing some different marks. Make a two hand drawing every day for a week and see what happens and changes over the week. Do your drawing look different over the course of the week?